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This site is a resource with links for educators who are looking for the latest information on how PDAs are being implemented in the classroom.  Find out how this handheld technology can provide anytime, anywhere learning experiences for all students. Learn how administrators can manage their entire school in the palm of their hand!

   How PDAs Work

  PDAs in Education    2-way sync

Educational Possibilties Chart Why in the Classroom?


Schools using PDAs

Wireless Handhelds & Gadgets

Success Stories 

Articles for Educators

Lesson Plans using PDAs-Arkansas Tech

Using PDAs within the Curriculum

Planet 5th Lesson Plans- by Tony Vincent's Handhelds in Teaching and Learning graduate students

Handheld Lessons from S. Carolina

**Elliot Soloway-HICE** PDA Resources & Videos

PDAs in Assistive Technology

    Glossary of Handheld Terms   

PDA Software-Freeware Power in the Palm of your Hands Palm Tips         Graffiti 2 Tips
Graffiti 1 Hints Handhelds in Schools:March 2003 Study from the UK 
Hardware resources

Wireless Handheld Projects

Intel -Learning With Handhelds

Educational Software Reviews for PalmOS    Handhelds in Omaha-Videos

Forums for Palm handhelds

 Palm for Professionals


Palm OS 4 Quick Reference Guide

Palm Quick Reference Guide

Palm OS 5 Quick Reference Guide

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