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Hardware Resources

Bluefish Wireless allows handheld computers to receive info using Bluetooth or infrared wireless technologies.

Clarinet Systems allows handhelds to HotSync through infrared access points in the school network.

LandWare, Inc. makes the GoType! keyboards for handhelds.

Now it's possible to connect Science Probes to your Palm to collect data. Check out these...


Presenting with your handheld? Check out the Portsmith Pitch for Palm or Margi's Presenter-to-Go to connect your Palm to a projector.

Pico Communications makes the PicoBlue bluetooth access point

Think Outside is the creator of the Stowaway keyboard for handhelds.

Tribeam also uses IR that allows handheld devices to access the local network or Internet.


WideRay makes a device called the Jack, a device that uses infrared technology to transmit information and applications to handheld devices.

Xircom's Wireless LAN Module connects your Palm handheld to an 802.11b wireless network. Watch for this other solution from SyChip.

Veo makes the Photo Traveler, a camera that plugs into