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To Do Application
Points to Cover:
Tapping “Show” allows preferences to be set for To Do list.

  “Sort by”    Sets how items are listed. 
   The default is “Priority, Due Date” which means

   sort the items by Priority, and within priority by Due Date.

“Show Completed Items”    When OFF, a completed item disappears when the checkbox is tapped.

“Show Only Due Items”   When ON, only items due today—or items with deadlines that have already passed, or items with no due date at all—appear in the list.

“Record Completion Date”    When ON, today’s date is recorded in the Due Date field when an item is completed.

“Show Due Dates”   When ON, the Due Date column is visible.

“Show Priorities”   When ON, the Priorities column is visible.

“Show Categories”   When ON, the Categories column is visible.